Sunday, June 14, 2020

Every Single Street Stalled Out...Attempting To Restart

Screenshot of StatsHunters generated heat map.

I’ve hit a few speed bumps that have delayed my progress with my run every street project. The first and worst of those speed bumps was an injury to my calf (you can read about it in this blog post) at the end of March. After what felt like a long recovery period, the injury seems to have healed and I decided to get back to making some progress on my run every street project of Egg Harbor Township, NJ just last weekend. While recovering, I avoided going more than a mile or two away from home just in case the injury flared up and I had to hobble home. So running farther away from home to continue this project was a bit of a big step in my recovery.

I decided to re-run a grouping of streets I had run once before, but for some reason the data didn’t sync to CityStrides (the mapping tool I’ve been using to track my progress). Introducing speed bump #2: tech tool issues. I didn’t mind rerunning a few streets due to a technology issue, but after the second time of running them and having them not sync I started looking into alternative tools.